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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

rumble in the jungle

I wasn't alive for the first one, but this latest one I was on the scene baby!

So I figured I'd write to let everyone know who had heard about what apparently was an earthquake of 6.8 or so in the DRC that all is unsurprisingly and disappointingly normal here in Mwanza.

I was showing pictures of the states to a recent highschoolgraduate friend of mine, when I heard a low rumbling noise. I thought it was a train, then realized there are no trains remotely near Misungwi. Then the student said 'oh, an earthquake.' I probably wouldn't have known if he hadn't told me. PC gave me a call to see if everything was ok, I said I was great because I was excited, I had never felt an earthquake before! Of course now I'm just hoping that the quake didn't kill anyone, I haven't heard any news about it despite looking (but if it was in Lake Tanganyika or DRC I suspect very few were affected).

Anyways, I wasn't happy for long, as mother nature appears to have been royally pissed off yesterday and wanted to make sure I was aware of that fact. At about 8pm, just when it got good and dark here, the electricity cut out and it started POURING rain - the biggest thunderstorm I've seen in a few years. Which of course started flooding into my house through open windows and cracks under the doors, since I still have no shutters and no pipe to divert water out of my courtyard (thanks to my guard and my carpenter, what a dynamic duo of utter incompetence).

mother nature - what a whacko


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