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Monday, September 18, 2006

too crazy

no electricity during the daytime except for sporadic generator-induced email access - this was announced last friday, and is reportedly effective for between 2 weeks and 2 months while they fix a machine or something in Dar es Salaam...

super busy week this week - 2 discos, 2 seminars for PLWHA on nutrition, 2 funerals this past weekend and probably at least 2 more this week, a meeting/intervention with one of my young friends [aged 22] who has 2 wives and 2 kids and 2 much time on his hands anyways [and who likes meeting young college girls, who are 2 weeks away from arriving to start the term, thus the 'intervention'...], and 2 weeks left before the form 4 [seniors] at the secondary school take their examinations

it's all a bit too crazy, but seeing as I only have about 2 months left here, I'm too excited nonetheless...


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